Emerging Writer

I consider myself an emerging writer. Like a sprout with seven leaves waving in the breeze. I hope to flower soon. 

I’ve written 8 books but only have 7 to show for it. Number 4 and number 5 got squished together to make a much, much better book. This is the one I’m currently querying. 

Book rundown:

  1. Vampire/Lycanthrop romance – Will never see the light of day… not a vamp joke. Seriously, it will never be seen by human eyes, it’s that bad. 
  2. Science Fiction – Reworking now. Started out as 3rd person but only one MC. Adding a second perspective and fleshing it out. Coming along well. 
  3. Fantasy – Good bones. Will probably work on it after #2 is done. I still love the premises and character but can tell it needs a little deepening of stakes and the antagonist needs to be presented earlier.
  4. GLBT Romance – Combined with book 5 to make a much stronger story. This one I’ve had professionally edited and have learned more from this piece (writing and rewriting a half dozen times) than I ever thought possible. 
  5. GLBT Romance – Sequal to 4.
  6. GLBT Romance – Sequal to 5.
  7. GLBT Romance – Sequal to 6.