When Sky was born the gatekeepers of the world had no idea what to make of this strange, tiny creature before them. Less than a hundred of her kind walked the earth prior to her arrival. She neither knew that stat as a child, nor cared. She also ignored all the proclamations of doom and despair spouted off by the well-meaning, but ultimately clueless professionals.

Some mistook her confidence for cockiness, but these were the same people that thought little girls should wear dresses and play with dolls. Sure, she played with dolls. Her Kens ended up together in compromising positions and her Barbies sported bondage gear made out of shoe laces.

Sky ran her first gang in elementary school. They were called the Half-Pint Hurricanes and had laminated membership cards to prove it. For a small fee her gang offered playground protection. By middle school she’d moved on to dice games and poker in the back of the school library. Small time stuff, just a little on the side to supplement her allowance and protection racket.

In a fit of exasperation Sky’s mother told her about a mythological creature, half pterodactyl half winged serpent, that would swoop down and snatch up naughty dwarves. And thus was born the legend of the Dwarf Eating Catamaran. This served to curtail Sky’s more rambunctious tendencies …. somewhat.

In her late teens Sky met her Prince Charming at a three day blow-out party. Now she had a willing ally in crime, and after nearly thirty years still does.

Sky wanted to be an astronaut. In zero g size is irrelevant. But alas, despite repeated attempts, higher maths just weren’t her forte. The lower maths she does fine at. Eventually, after a long meandering journey through various careers, she did end up in Aerospace but by that point the incurable writing bug had wriggled into her soul.

To this day Sky is still trying to tame the Dwarf Eating Catamaran. Certain if she can just manage to jump on its back she can make her way to the stars.